The more connected the better. Written 30/10/2016

We are all very concerned for our planet. Actually the most concerned are the rich, who paradoxically contribute over proportionally to exhaust it.

The answer is more connectivity. Think about transportation for a minute: they cause 26% of CO2 emissions. Then think Uber and Google car. One minute of sci-fi… Today I have to drop the kids at school, run errands, go to work. The 7:30 driverless Uber car stops in front of the house, picks up the kids, and 6 more of their schoolmates on the way. Yes, we ordered a collective Uber.

But I love too much my 30 min of quietness to go to work. So I order a private Uber, which picks me up at 7:40 and drops me at the office with no further stop.

An MIT study showed that driverless car could reduce by 80% the number of cars to travel as much as today and reduce oil consumption drastically, eliminate parking lots, traffic jams, accidents, etc. And we would always be on time or have to find other excuses than the traffic. And forget about expensive railways and the likes. Wonderful.

We’ll just have to make sure in the process that the car won’t drive us directly to the police station or lock us up until we have paid our bills, or the bills Google gets a commission on to cash them in.

Build a better world!

This note was written one and a half years ag, before the #DeleteUber campaign went viral. Today, after a couple of deadly accidents and big questioning on use of personal data by Facebook and Google, all these companies' stocks are dropping. I would not burry them too early though: their technology can really do a great deal to save the planet, as long as it is strictly regulated by elected lawmakers who give us the feeling that we are safe and secure using them.