The end of an era. A new era. Imbalances, crises, changes in values. A new order?

We have been living for the last 30 years in times of fast and groundbreaking change. These changes are led on the one hand by technology; it is deeply transforming our daily lives in most aspects and it is cancelling the effect of physical distance between people, thus creating enormous opportunities but also great threats. On the other hand, individualism has become the utmost value, depleting the general motivation for collective action and making western style democracies look boring and tired.

In this environment, my work is a reflection on the way new powers are created, distributed and used, on the effects of post-capitalism, on how humans are freely yielding the control of their minds to technology, on the way our values are changing and how new generations are adopting totally new ones. Is there a new truth? Is humanity losing its soul, its freedom, or is it, on the contrary, finding new ones, freeing minds from bodies? What is the interaction between the old bourgeois order and the new tech/global order, is it peaceful or violent?

For me, art is about provoking new thoughts, new impressions to the viewer, and that is why I put the concept at beginning of my creative process. Political and social issues are my largest source of inspiration. 

Aesthetics is the medium I chose to convey these questions. My long interest in architecture leads me to a certain order, even though the content can look chaotic. In a way, I am trying to make sense of all the things I perceive in our world that make me react, with surprise, sadness or happiness, or things that I think other people don’t see or don’t know. By showing them from my perspective I want to make the viewer think about It, and possibly see things that I didn’t see myself. 

I then use the medium I find appropriate such as photography, drawing, writing, collage, video, and installations, 3D printing, sculpture and holographic projections.